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We have been helping pilots get their desired jobs all over the world. Our client testimonials speak for themselves and we take pride in providing 100% tailored interview preparation for all pilots. We specialize in helping pilots obtain their first airline job and  helping Captains prepare and gain the confidence to sit an interview after 15 years of flying in the same airline. No matter the experience we will help you get the job and prepare for airline interviews. 

Every client has different and unique skills and values 

Our interview preparation is designed to be customised for the client, we help with scenario design and development. Weather you are a Captain or an Flight Instructor, we will help you implement the STAR answer technique to help answer scenario based questions and give you the best chance of answering all questions to the highest standard. We love seeing the difference we make towards helping our clients with their own scenarios and stories that demonstrate so many great skills and values that they have to show to the assessment panel.

How we are different to the Interview Companies

Updated web pages for every airline with constant candidate updates from interviews participated in and comments and details from previous interview candidate's.

One on One sessions to help tailor and customized scenarios that will show the candidates  full potential to the interview panel. 

We can pair you and give help to reach current airline pilots working and operating in the desired Airline. 

Interview Preperation and questions to exspect




Haven't flown since covid 2019



Air New Zealand Interview and Tech Guide

''Technical quiz was spot on with a couple of curve balls, Marks experience helped me with scenarios, what to expect in the simulator  and how to answer scenario based questions were great. Everything went as per Marks brief and  I felt truely prepared to give it my best shot, thanks once again and see you soon."





Qantas Interview  Prep 

"Mark  gave me a lot of various help with situations and scenario's  for answering the various  behavioral questions . His international and airline experience helped develop a wholistic view for my scenarios and can't thank him enough ''



E190 MESA First Officer


ATLAS Interview Prep and Technical Study guide.

''I recently read the article posted on this site about Atlas. I recached out and got 1 on 1 interview prep for Atlas  Airways. I highly recommend going through this prep as it was exactly like the interview and EAT helped me get the job and explain the process. I am very happy with the information and cost. 

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