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Recreational Pilots License-All you need to know

This page is made to provide as much free and accurate information about getting your RAAus and Recreational Pilots License with comparison tables and answers to all your common questions about the RPL. If you have any questions please comment below or send an inquiry. 

RAAus Pilots License VS Recreational Pilots License:

Getting your RAAus license or RPL has very little difference in the type of flying you can do. Generally, every airfield will now have a flying school that operates both aircraft for hire and some of the RAAus aircraft outperform the operating capacity of general aviation aircraft. The major difference is the operating weight you are limited to in an RAAus aircraft and they fact you can not take 3 passengers flying a C172 if you had your GA RPL. If you are unlikely to take more than one passenger, I would just do my RAAus license with a cross-country and CTA endorsement  as the operating costs and flying would be more rewarding. I started flying Jabirus and they set me up nicely to fly the C172 as the Cessna is a much more forgiving aircraft then a slippery Jabiru.


Should I do the RPL or PPL theory exam? 

Always do the harder/higher qualification, both exams are roughly the same and require the same amount of study. If you think the RPL exam is easy then you are wrong, I would take up cycling or golf if you would like a less and easier hobby. Anything related to aviation and flying will require study and you might aswell do the PPL exam incase one day you would like to upgrade to fly bigger and faster aircraft as a private pilot. Doing the PPL exam could allow you to look at your Drone license and has more merit within the aviation world. For example you could convert your Australian private pilots license to an FAA one however the RPL would be be recognized. 

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