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Airline Interview Questions

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Qantas has started its Hiring for the Second Officer position and the interviews are scheduled through out this year with recent news that the hold file has now been depleted and they are now taking people to start immediately. During your preparation for the application please check out the other blog's about aptitude testing and the process of the application and Sim Assessment. All the applications for the qanats group are completed through their careers page and if you apply for multiple application's you will frozen out of the others once they invite you to an assessment date.

What Questions can I expect in an Interview?

For any interview including none aviation related interviews you will first be asked about why you want to be hired for this role; or why do you want to work for the organisation (like Qantas)? It seems like an easy question but be aware not to beg or seem that you want the job just because it is 'cool' and better then your current role. This is a question that allows you to activity sell yourself by comparing the operations and job title of your current experiences to the company you are applying for. Another common question that a company may ask is "Have you applied for any other Qantas owned Companies?", I highly recommend you know who you have applied for and which companies/subsidiaries Qantas owns as the recruitment team can see your applications and they should all be on your careers profile on the Qantas page.

What Questions can I expect in my Qantas Aviation Interview?

The interview for Qantas will contain various sections, the Qantas interviews include a group assessment (bored game with other applicants), Behavioral Interview Assessment and Technical Assessment interview with a Pilot. If you pass your interviews you will be emailed and then required to book a simulator assessment via the careers portal. For more information on the simulator assessment please read this page.

What Behavioral Questions can I be asked for my Airline Interview?

Behavioral questions are used to give more insight to an individuals experiences, feelings, leadership and decision making ability. Interviewers already know you can fly, have the license and they want to see how you can communicate, share experiences and prove you have the attributes they are looking for. These questions can be difficult and you can prep for them. An example of a Qantas Airline Interview Question would be "Tell us a time you had to contribute in a team?" or they may give you a scenario and what you to discuss what you would do in the situation.


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