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Aptitude Testing- Qantas Testing

Updated: Jan 4

Recently the Australian Subsidiaries (Qlink, Cobham, Alliance and Network) have started to hire as they predict a pick up in flying and a shortage in pilot numbers. The current vacancies in Q-Link have come as the company announces the movement of pilots from Q-link to Mainline Qantas, with pilots not resuming their flying careers after Covid or have retired.

Q-Link Aptitude Testing and Jobs:

If you applied to the recent Q-link job application which is still currently open via this link . It is evidence that things are moving onwards and upwards for aviation during Covid with the job requiring direct entry First Officers based in Mascot Sydney and Melbourne. The pilot position is full time and required the following hours however you could still apply without the requirements.

  • A minimum of 700 hours total aeronautical experience in an aeroplane

  • A minimum of 250 hours as Pilot in Command (PIC) of a multi-engine aeroplane (MEA) (excluding ICUS & SIM) or;

  • 250 hours as PIC of a single engine turbine aeroplane greater than 3,400kg MTOW (excluding ICUS & SIM) or;

  • 250 hours as a co-pilot in a multi-engine turbine, multi-crew aeroplane (excluding ICUS & SIM)

  • An Australian Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL (A)) or Australian Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL (A)) with passes in all Australian ATPL Theory subjects

  • Current endorsements for Instrument Approach 2D and 3D on a current Australian Instrument Rating – Multi Engine Aeroplane

  • A Level 6 English Language Proficiency on your Licence

  • A current CASA Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate

  • The ability to pass a Drug and Alcohol Test

  • The ability to pass a Qantas pre-employment medical

  • The ability to hold an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

  • A current passport with unrestricted access to all Qantas ports of call

  • The right to work in Australia / New Zealand without restriction or sponsorship

Some of our post ATPL students recently got asked to complete the aptitude testing which seems to now be a common way of weeding out individuals for most airline jobs during the initial stage. The issue with this is despite the fact that an individual may be very suited to the job with flying hours and experience they may not proceed past the aptitude testing. The feedback provided from our students allowed us to write up some tips and tricks to help you get through your testing.

Where to get practice for Aptitude Tests

The best way to get through the aptitude tests is with practice, Qlink will send you a Link to an email that will give you information about the testing. You will have a couple of weeks to complete the aptitude test through the SHL website link they give you. SHL has some practice tests however they don't give you the answers and techniques to learn and improve. The best practice we found comes from the website where they have a range of SHL practice questions with a timer and solutions.

What is in the Aptitude Test?

The Qantas group aptitude test will contain 3 tests, the Aptitude, Motivation and a Personality test. The aptitude test will contain 30 questions that will require 36 minutes to complete. The test will contain math based questions and pattern sequences. The type of questions to search and practice are called numerical reasoning, logical reasoning and inductive reasoning (patterns).

Is the Camera On during Online Aptitude Testing?

There is no formal evidence to prove that any of the testing companies will be allowing use of the camera in the back ground of these tests. Some people have commented and said they have had friends help, used Siri and also had others complete the test for them. As far as we know we did not notice a camera being used or asking for permission and access using the website.

Can I study for Aptitude Testing?

Qantas will give you 2 weeks to sit the testing required online, during this time you can use it to study and practice online Aptitude tests. Work done is better then work not done and by sitting down and doing some practice runs you will be hard better off. Do not feel hard done by as your first couple you will most likely do badly, not finish or pass. Once you have seen some of the styles of questions and know how to apply the procedure to work out the solution then you will improve your results and timing.

What to study for aptitude testing?

Its best to sit down for a couple of hours and do some work on certain questions and styles. There are many free aptitude tests online and you will be-able to see and practice using the SHL practice exams online. The practice exams do not have solutions or answers but you can use these exams to find others online with solutions. The link to will have plenty of practice exams for you that are very similar to Qantas requires for their testing with SHL.

For free examples of Aptitude test send a message and email to access practice exams similar to the ones you will encounter for your testing.

A must-read this before going to your interview!

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