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Qantas Pilot Interview Assessment Guide and Interview Questions-

Updated: Nov 29

Qantas has just opened its Second Officer applications for the B787 and A330/380. This guide includes breakdowns of every aspect including hints and tips to get you through your assessment day in Brisbane for pilots looking to prepare for the Qantas SO position. The Qantas pilot assessment is a full-day assessment and requires you to partake in an interview, group assessment, and the simulator check ride on the following day. This webpage will give you information from past candidates and access to 'The Interviews Questions and Answers webpage to help you find, build, and prepare for your interview with scenarios from your flying and life experience.

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Questions asked in the latest Qantas Pilot Interviews include:

Simulator profile for Qantas Pilot Assessment

VOR/LOC Intercepts and Study Material

Qantas Pilot Group Exercise-MayDay

Technical Questions

Compass Testing-Aptitude Testing Update 2023

Free Pilot Compass Testing Sites for Practice

Personality Test:

What to Bring on the Day Checklist

Qantas Company Profile Information

Questions asked in the latest Qantas Pilot Interview include:

Introduction Questions:

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