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Qantas Interview Information

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

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The recent increase in retirements and redundancies during the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in an increase in hiring for most major flying companies within America and Australia. The recent hiring from Qantas Mainline is a great opportunity for movement within the Australian Aviation industry as Qantas has just opened their application process for Second Officers based in Perth and Sydney. The applications have recently closed and so the screening process will begin.

The screening process involved within the Qantas Group involves initial screening from applications through the online scraping of minimums including flight hours, endorsements, and qualifications. After initial selection you will receive an email thanking you for your time and whether you will progress or not to the aptitude stage of selection. There is a separate blog written on aptitude testing and you can find that here. The time taken to for Qantas to get back to you from aptitude selection will take a couple of weeks to a month until you find out if you will progress to interviewing, group assessment and simulator assessment.

Qantas Assessment Day Schedule:

Getting through your Aptitude test is the hard part and once having achieved success and being considered competitive; Qantas will email you 'Congratulating' email that will link back to the careers website where you will book your assessment day in Brisbane.

The day will involve a Behavioral Interview, Group assessment and a B767 Sim Check, All of this can seem daunting if you haven't completed airline interviews before however; don't be alarmed as beating around the bush having to be interviewed by Chief Pilots up north is more daunting and harder. Airline exams are now behavioral and since you have completed ATPL's and obtained an Australian MECIR you should already have the tech knowledge.

What Questions will I get asked in the Qantas Interview:

Qantas Interviews are now behavioral-based and looking to see how you answer questions based on scenarios about culture, morals and applying decision-making skills. The questions will seem twisted and very odd compared to anything you generally will ever deal with. For example, a common question will be 'One of the other flight crew members seems intoxicated, they seem to smell like alcohol; what would you do?' and 'A captain has just made a comment about one of your crew member's appearance and sexual orientation, do you make comment and what do you do in the situation?'. The questions are based to see how you react to certain unfamiliar and awkward situations and also allow the interviewees to assess your morals, humor, and ability to be seated next to someone for a long period of time. For more feedback and information/questions asked in a Qantas interview then please email regarding 'Qantas Prep'.

What is involved in the Qantas Sim Check:

After successful completion of your Interview and group assessment, you will be asked to do a B767 sim, this sim will involve flying basic IF in the sim and completing an VOR and ILS. The sim profile will be sent a month before your assessment and will include the power settings and attitudes to set for T/O, Straight and Level and Approach.

For the B767 the current profile is a take-off to gear up, Airwork including turns, climbing/descending, approach, go-around and a landing. The Airwork will include basic intercepts and a hold, DME ARC. I would suggest completing some flight sim and jet sim time if you can as Jet does operate differently compared to Props when applying trust, using speed brakes and flying speed and pitch. Generally, the thrust has a higher impact on speed and attitude changes however can take 5-10 seconds to be applied. Hence jets don't like flying slow as thrust changes take some time to be applied.

Qantas B767/787 Sim profile:

YPDN Take Off to clean- Fly level and conduct some climbing and descending turns with set speeds and Vertical Speed. Airwork to include steep turns and VOR intercepts using a HSI, Make an intercept and then join the hold before commencing a VOR approach. VOR missed approach and then reset for an ILS approach down to land. We currently have put together a Jet Flying

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Qantas Behavioral Questions:

During the interview, you will be asked 5 questions regarding the behavioral questions that you can find from Pinstripe Solutions. On this website, we promote more free information from our knowledge and students who have given us the information after sitting and conducting their interviews for various airlines. The Behavioral questions are used to test your ability and skill in a situation, they require you to use an example/scenario to promote yourself for certain topics such as 'people conflict, time management, teamwork, stress and breaking an SOP'. Qantas and other airlines use the above categories to scale and score you based on how you manage yourself with conflict, stress, teamwork, and rules. It's important your scenarios promote yourself via the keywords they have asked in the question such as 'Time Management, Learning, Managing Stress and Conflict', How did you manage this time? what did you learn from this and how have you applied it to managing your flying now?, how have you improved the management of time when you are stressed? working with people with personal conflicts? Have you applied new technology to help with your management of flying and time?

Your scenarios should be able to help you with various scenarios as you will be asked about 5 scenarios and you can not use the same one for each. We recommend writing at least 7 scenarios down and having them labeled with how you can spin off the various situations. For instance, some scenarios will have multiple behavioral categories you can apply such as stress, teamwork, and time management. It's best to dot-point the scenarios, then categorize them and score them from most important to least that you would want to be shared and told first. You can't get the job unless you tell them why you deserve it or the situations you have had to work in.


It's definitely worth doing some time to practice and set yourself up to succeed for the interviews. Spending the money is hard but the long term outcome is worth it for the job and you will gain skills you can use for life in various other interviews. The Qantas Interviews can be challenging and different however practicing and gaining inside knowledge can help you to get a step ahead. If you would like more information on interview prep and aptitude testing then please email or message for more help.

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