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Delta Airlines Interview Information and Company profile

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Embarking on a career as a pilot with Delta Airlines is a dream shared by many, and the interview process is the pivotal step toward making that dream a reality. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide aspiring pilot applicants with essential insights, expert advice, and valuable tips to successfully navigate the Delta Airlines interview. From understanding the interview structure and meeting the airline's core competency requirements to honing interview skills and addressing unique challenges in the aviation industry, we'll ensure you're well-prepared to stand out as a top-tier candidate. Whether you're an experienced aviator or just beginning your journey, this article is your essential resource for fast-tracking your path to becoming one of Delta Airlines' esteemed pilots. So, fasten your seatbelt, stow away any doubts, and let's prepare for takeoff toward your aviation career aspirations.

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Is Delta Airlines a good company to work for?

Delta Airlines stands as an attractive choice for aspiring pilots, renowned for its strong reputation within the aviation industry. If you're contemplating a career in the cockpit, considering whether Delta is the right fit is crucial. Here's a concise overview to help pilot candidates make an informed decision.

Industry Prestige: Delta Airlines holds a stellar reputation for its exceptional safety standards, commitment to customer service, and operational excellence. As an aspiring pilot, being part of such an esteemed company can elevate your career prospects and provide you with a solid foundation.

Career Prospects: Delta, as one of the world's major airlines, offers a plethora of career opportunities for pilots. Whether your ambition is to fly long-haul international routes or regional flights, Delta provides a diverse array of options to advance your career. The airline's modern fleet and continuous growth open doors for progression.

Training and Development: Delta invests significantly in pilot training and development, ensuring its crew members remain at the forefront of aviation technology and safety protocols. For aspiring pilots, this commitment to excellence translates into a world-class learning experience and continuous growth potential.

Compensation and Benefits: Delta Airlines offers competitive compensation packages for its pilots, including comprehensive benefits like healthcare, retirement plans, and unique travel privileges. These perks can significantly enhance your overall job satisfaction.

Company Culture: While corporate culture may vary by department and location, Delta has garnered positive feedback for its inclusive and diverse work environment. It's essential to assess whether this aligns with your personal values and preferences.

Work-Life Balance: A career as a pilot often involves irregular schedules, including weekends and holidays. Balancing work commitments with personal life is crucial, and Delta's work-life policies are worth considering.

Job Security: Job stability in the airline industry is influenced by economic factors and market conditions. Understanding the cyclical nature of the aviation sector is vital when evaluating job security.

In sum, Delta Airlines presents a compelling choice for pilot candidates, offering a strong industry reputation, extensive career opportunities, ongoing training, competitive compensation, and a corporate culture that embraces diversity. Nevertheless, the decision to join Delta or any airline should be based on individual career goals, values, and lifestyle preferences. Research the specific pilot position, connect with current or former Delta pilots, and weigh the airline's offerings against your aspirations to ensure a harmonious fit as you take the next step toward soaring the skies.

How much do Delta Airlines Pilots make?

Monthly Reserve Guarantee: 72 hours

Monthly Line Guarantee: 65 hours

Pilot agreement payment. In the March 2023 quarter, Delta pilots ratified a new four-year Pilot Working Agreement effective January 1, 2023. The agreement includes numerous work rule changes and pay rate increases during the four-year term, including an initial pay rate increase of 18%. The agreement also includes a provision for a one-time payment made upon ratification in the March 2023 quarter of $735 million. We adjust for this item to provide investors a better understanding of our recurring free cash flow generated by our operations.

What bases do Delta Airlines operate out of?

Headquartered in Atlanta, Delta operates significant hubs and key markets in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York-JFK and LaGuardia, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Seoul-Incheon and Tokyo.

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How many Aircraft does Delta Airlines have?

American Airlines operated a fleet of around 1307 aircraft including Boeing, Airbus Bombardier and Embraer.

What aircraft to Delta Airlines operate?

Delta Airlines Fleet is a mixed fleet of narrow-body and wide-body airplanes, such as Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, B767, B757, and Airbus A350. The fleet size is 1307 and expanding with new 737-10 and Airbus 320s being purchased.

Delta Airlines Fleet Size:

B767-300ER: 45

B767-400ER: 21



B737-800: 77

B737-900ER: 163

B737-10: order of 100 with the option of 30 more to begin in 2025,

B717-200: 66

A320: 100, Largest A220 operator in the world

A220-100 :45

A220-300: 15

A319-200: 57


A321-200: 127


A330-300: 31

A330-900NEO: 21

A350-900: 28

CRJ 200/700/900: 183

ERJ 140/145: 140

What are the requirements to be an American Airlines Pilot?

General Requirements

  • At least 23 years of age.

  • Must be legally authorized to work in the US without sponsorship currently and not require future sponsorship for employment.

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent.

  • Current passport or other travel documents enabling the bearer to freely exit and re-enter the U.S. (multiple reentry status) and be legally eligible to work in the U.S. (possess proper working documents).

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Graduate of a four-year degree program from a college or university accredited by a U.S. Dept. of Education recognized accrediting organization is highly preferred. Degrees obtained from a non-U.S. institution must be evaluated for equivalency to U.S. degrees by a member organization of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

FAA Requirements:

  • FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument - Airplane.

  • Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate.

  • All aeronautical experience requirements for an ATP, Airplane category rating, as set forth in 14 CFR §61.159.

  • Current ATP written exam.

Flight Time Requirements for Delta Airlines:

  • Minimum of 1,500 hours of total documented flight time.

  • Minimum of 1,000 hours of fixed wing turbine time is preferred (airplane and powered lift combined).

  • Minimum of 250 hours PIC or SIC as defined in 14 CFR §61.159(a)(5) in an airplane category.

  • Minimum of 50 hours of multi-engine airplane time.

  • When evaluating the flight time of applicants meeting the basic qualifications, consideration will be given to, among other things, quality, quantity, recency, and verifiability of training; complexity of aircraft flown; types of flight operations; and hours flown as PIC in turbine powered aircraft.

Other Requirements:

  • Applicants invited to interview must provide appropriate documentation of all flight hours, FAA pilot certificates, FAA medical certificate and college transcripts.

  • FCC Radiotelephone Operator's Permit.

  • DOT required pre-employment drug test.

  • International Certificate of Vaccination (Yellow Card) for Yellow Fever. This requirement may be waived only for legitimate medical or other limited reasons.

  • TSA required fingerprint based Criminal History Records Check and a Delta background check.

Delta Airlines Pilot Recruitment Process

A general overview of the pilot hiring process at Delta Airlines:

  1. Online Application: The first step is to submit an online application through Delta's official careers website. Ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications, including the required flight hours and certifications.

  2. Resume and Documentation Review: Delta's HR team will review your application, resume, and relevant documentation, such as your pilot's license, logbook, and other certifications.

  3. Behavioral Interview: Delta Airlines places a strong emphasis on assessing your soft skills and how well you fit into the company culture. You may be asked behavioral questions to gauge your teamwork, leadership, and communication abilities.

  4. Background Check and Drug Test: A thorough background check and drug test will be conducted as part of the pre-employment process.

  5. Training: Once hired, you will undergo extensive training, including classroom instruction and simulator training, to prepare you for your specific role within the airline.

Pilot Interview Questions for Delta Airlines 2023

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