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Interview Technical Guide with Interview Answers

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

These guides and tips will help you to answer interview questions and develop the skills required to answer behavioral, negative, and scenario-based questions easily with examples of your own. An Interview is an opportunity to show your skills and accomplishments to a panel of interviews that will make the decision whether your values, skills, and traits align with the companies you are interviewing for. Most interviews will take around 40-60 minutes and you need to understand you are being monitored from the time they come and get you. The interview is an opportunity for you to show the skills and experiences you have had with the panel and you should not be nervous or intimidated. With the right amount of practice and coaching an interview can go your way through simple manipulation of wording, body language, tone, and how you answer a question. Below we will go through various techniques to help you build, answer and construct scenarios and answers to give you the best chance of showing your skills and experience to the panel.


Interview Answers and Techniques, Answer your interview with the best chance to get the job. Answers to popular interview questions in 2023.
Interview Answers and Techniques

Job Interview Preparation

To be best prepared for your interview please review the company interview assessment guide referring to your interview website, the guides are listed below. These publications give an overview of the Airline and an Interview Assessment. Use this blog to prepare for any practice coaching sessions and start creating scenarios from your past experience that you can use in the interview for certain questions.

Giving yourself the best chance of getting the job in the interview

Be prepared for what to expect from any interview, most interviews contain many of the same questions which can be viewed on the specific Airline Guide or on this page. Create answers for the questions you expect using the STAR technique and list them out in dot points. Practice answering your questions without trying to remember word for word a scenario or answer. When seeking advice or coaching it's best to practice with another person in the industry, they are aware of the skills, and requirements and can understand your scenarios.

How to use the STAR Interview technique to answer questions

Situation: Where were you, what flying role were you acting in, what aircraft, where to where, Passengers, Freight, weather, and people involved.

Task: What is/what was required to solve or complete the task,

Action: What actions did you implement and complete to solve, help and complete the task at hand?

Review: Did you solve the issue/problem, what did you learn? what could you do better? Was the customer happy, was it safe, and efficient?

Examples and Scenarios for interviews

Use these tips and list to get scenarios for your interview:

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