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SkyWest Interview Gouge 2023

Updated: Jan 13

If you have Sky West interview coming up this is a must read to give yourself the best opportunity for being prepared and getting into Sky West. The interview is hosted by pilot recruiters and will cover basic behavioral, company, and technical questions. It's best to have an overall view of what to expect and don't try to predict the interview. Below are questions and situations you can expect during your interview for Sky West Airlines.

The below guide has hundreds of interview questions on what could possibly be asked during your interview and gives guidance and answers to the technical portion. If during your study and research, If you have any questions please contact and I will get back to you with any help I can provide about the Interview prep or information regarding the company from one of the many mentor pilots working with Easy Aviation Theory.


Basic Sky West Company Questions:

Sky West HR questions:

Behavioral Questions:

Technical Questions:


Basic IFR

One Engine Performance and Handling

Systems knowledge

Engine Knowledge

Advanced Aerodynamics

Skywest Interview Gouge 2023

Basic Sky West Company Questions:

Who is the company CEO

What is the size of the Fleet/Types of aircraft?

Where are our bases and where do you want to be based?

When did the company start and who started the company?

Where do we fly and any new routes?

Sky West HR questions:

Tell me about yourself;

Why did you start flying?

Best and Worst flying experiences?

Why Skywest?

What can you bring to Skywest as a pilot from your previous experiences

Why should we hire you at Skywest?

Behavioral Questions:

The Captain smells like alcohol and mentions he went out over the layover, what do you do if you believe he is intoxicated or still under the influence?

The Captain will not put his seatbelt on during the approach, what do you do?

The cabin crew mention a passenger is being unruly, what do you do? what do you suggest?

The wind is stronger than the aircraft's crosswind ability, what do you do? can you continue the approach? do you land?

Technical Questions:


You are given a METAR and TAF to decode and read

What does the A0/ $ mean on METAR?

How long is the TAF valid for?

What is a SPECI?

Are the winds True or Magnetic in the METAR/ATIS/TAF?

What do you think about the weather conditions?

Basic IFR

121 Rules for an alternate

What is the airspeed in class B?

Holding Speeds for USA

Jepp Chart decoding and questions

LAHSO, can you do it? when?

What is the spacing of runway centerline lighting and edge lighting?

One Engine Performance and Handling

One Engine Inoperative information regarding Critical Engine, Vmcg/Vmca and changes in to these speeds.

Know V speeds and what they are, made up off,

Systems knowledge

Know the systems of the aircraft you are currently flying including:

Electrical- AC/DC power, what makes the power, how is it converted, and battery knowledge,

Bleed: what is it used for and where does it come from?

Hydraulics: pressure, system components and redundancy.

Engine Knowledge

Describe a jet engine?

What are the components of a jet engine?

What is the main theory of a jet engine?

What controls the Engines,

After the engine start, are the ignitors required?

What is a compressor stall?

Engine start failures and what are they? Hung, Hot, Low,

Advanced Aerodynamics

What is Mach Tuck?

What is Dutch roll?

What are the benefits of swept wings?

Describe the airflow around the wing,

What happens to the Center of Pressure as the aircraft approaches the stall?

Coffin Corner?

What effects stall speed?

Please comment below and add any information or interview questions you got in your interview that may help other candidates.

For more free information and Airline Interview questions. Read this blog and comment below to let us know what questions you got asked or want help with.