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FAA ATP Exam Tips 2023

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

If you are sitting your ATP/CTP then you have no reasons to be worried. The Sheppard Air study guide and questions are exactly the same. Most of the questions are word for word and about 5 out of 125 were worded slightly differently from the Sheppard Air Study guide.

The exam center allows you to cancel your exam up to 24hrs before, you can reschedule and walk in however you will have to cancel your prior booking to be able to walk in on the day and sit the exam.

The American FAA ATP/CTP exam consists of the following subjects that will be tested in the exam:



Weight and Balance,

General IFR,

FAA regulations and,


The exam time for the ATP is 4 hours however you will probably take less than an hour. Most individuals score in the high 90s for the exam if using Sheppard Air.

Air Sheppard

This will get you through the exam very easily, do all the questions as per the study guide and learn the tables from the Memory Aid. The exam consists of 125 questions with 4 hours to complete. You will see the questions word for word, definitely easier than flight planning in Australia. To contact Sheppard Air call the following number:

(940) 642-4945 during work hours to set up your account. When you have subscribed and paid for the Sheppard Air questions you are only able to conduct the questions on one device. I would recommend having an iPad or laptop to do them on.

The Memory Aid can confuse people; Learn everything on there and you will be fine and won’t require to look anything up. The following get confusing are explained below:

Learn the Vr speeds: 112.7, 127, 141.8 (that’s the answer if it’s one of them), If you don’t get those Vr speeds the answer is the middle one ( middle range of the answers).

The holds are either Figure 123 or Figure 124, learn the 2 Figures, and place the radial on the letter for the hold entry. E.g Figure 123: Hold East of the Hold 090 radial left turns, ANS: P

Learn this Table and you don’t need to check the figures or waste time doing them during your practice exams.


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