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American RR radio License for pilots

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Getting your American RR radio license to start flying is a mission with the recent website changes. Below is a guide to help you get through to the right websites and talk you through getting your Pilots Radio License for the US.

Step by Step guide to getting an FAA radio operators license:

Once you have an FRN, you can log in and start your RR radio license application:

1) Register for an FRN:

If you don't have an FCC login, click register and you'll be able to create one as your 'Email' and proceed to log in.

What is FRN:

FRN (FCC Registration Number):

An FRN is a 10-digit number that is assigned to a business or individual registering with the FCC. This unique FRN is used to identify the registrant’s business dealings with the FCC. The FCC will use the FRN to determine if all of a registrant's fees have been paid. You are encouraged to register with the Commission as soon as you expect to do business with the FCC.

How do I get an FRN:

2) Sign in and fill in form 605

Filling in Form 605 online:

Click on 'Apply for a new license', this will take you through the form required for the RR radio license. On the right-hand side of the webpage you can see where you are and what is required:

1) Radio Service - (RR)

2) Applicant Questions

3) License Information- Address, in or outside States

4) Employment Eligibility - E3 hopefully

5) Summary - Confirm Details and license type are correct

6) Certification - Payment site

1) Radio Service

Select RR for pilots

2) Applicant Details

3) Licensee Information and Address

Fill in your address details in or outside of America on the next page

4) Employment Eligibility

Fill in your Employment Eligibility, E3 visa 'Yes'

5) Summary

Confirm the summary is correct

Confirm and sign online using text ( your name), then you will be taken to the payment section of the license.

6) Certification

Pay $35 online, there are 4 options but a credit card is the easiest.

Confirm you have paid via the link below:

Payment Page:

Join the group, don't get stuck wondering, ask any question.


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