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E3 Visa Application

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Looking at flying in the states? as an Australian you are able to obtain an E-3 visa that allows you to operate in a skilled position that the company hiring you can not fill from the American hiring pool. The E-3 visa is a temporary visa for 2 years and allows a company to sponsor you. This blog post will have information about obtaining the visa and what privileges you will have while working in the United States as a holder of the E-3 Visa.


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How to get an E-3 Visa?

An E-3 Visa is specific for Australian citizens, you must have an employer that is willing to sponsor you and then apply for the visa through the Travel State Gov Website by completing the DS-160 form.

What is the process to get an E- Visa?

To get an E-3 Visa you must, first of all have a company willing to sponsor your for your specific skill set to complete a job within the United States. Once you have a company willing to sponsor you; apply and go through the process as follows:

  1. DS-160 Application form

  2. Book an appointment from a US Embassy for the interview (1 week to 4 weeks),

  3. Passport kept for Interview if accepted (3-7 days)

  4. Arrival in the United States of America, must show and enter on E-3 Visa

Who can get an E-3 Visa?

An E-3 Visa is specific for Australian citizens and nationals working within a specialty industry for an American company as a temporary measure for 2 years. To be eligible for the E-3 Visa in the united states you must be:

  • National of Australia,

  • Have an offer of employment from an American company,

  • Have the requirements and education required for the specific job,

  • Fill the role of a job that requires specialty training

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Can I change companies with an E-3 Visa?

Yes, you may transfer your E3 Visa from one company to another. The company must be willing to conduct the paperwork and transfer. This is easier than initially applying for the E-3. The new company must obtain a certified Labor Condition Application for the position and file the form I-129 petition.

Does my family get an E-3 visa?

If you are sponsored for an E-3 visa you may apply on your application to have your spouse and family (under 21 years of age) put on a dependent E-3 visa as well. This visa will allow your family to work (no children working) and obtain the educational needs required like any other United States citizen. The E-3 visa is only for married couples, De-facto relationships do not count for the purpose of issuing the E-3 Visa to a dependent.

Where in Australia can I get an E-3 Visa Appointment?

What companies are sponsoring the E-3 Visa?


Cost of an E-3 Visa:

$204 USD or $307.50 AUD, Must be paid at Australia post or either online using Visa/PayPal. Once the payment is made you will be allowed to book an appointment. If you decided to change countries for the E-3 visa interview you will be required to reapply and pay the fee again in the new country.

E-3 waiting times:


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