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Atlas Airways- Review 2024

Updated: Feb 22

Table Of Contents:

Free Information Package on Atlas Air

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With the increase in freight demand and growth of Atlas Airways; they are currently looking to hire 600 pilots this year after hiring 400 pilots each year for the last 3 years. Atlas has recently upgraded benefits and contracts for the pilots and are looking to fill their aircraft with the pilots they can get from Australia using an E3 visa. Right now the 'Aussie' pilots have the pick of the bunch as America cries out for pilots within the states and there just aren't enough.

Atlas is an amazing Airline with great growth since its inception in 1992 by Michael Chowdry. Starting out of JFK New York using a Boeing 747-200 freighter, Atlas has steadily grown to its current fleet of 108 aircraft since Nov 2021.Atlas has the largest 747 fleet (54 B747) in the world and a vast fleet of Boeing 777,767 and 737 aircraft. There are currently 4 more 777 coming in the months ahead and expecting to expand on their 737 network as they take up more Amazon Freight.

How Much Does Atlas Pay?

Atlas is one of the better airlines to work for with better and improved benefits than a lot of carriers in the US like United Express, Sky West, and the remaining narrow-body flying companies. Atlas currently pays $94.76 an hour for the first year of training and from there it steadily increases depending on your fleet type. The best-paying fleets are the 747,777 and then the 767. The 737 obviously receives less being a narrow-body fleet and flying a lot less compared to the other fleets.

Atlas Training:

Atlas will pay $94.76 dollars for training at a min rate of 64 hours a month,for your 2 training. The training is conducted in Miami in their training center. During the training Atlas will put you up in a hotel with a kitchenette. Currently, the training is taking much longer due to the delays in training with the 747/777 and 767. You are paid twice a month, once is a smaller 32-hour payment of your min guarentee and the other includes the remaining 32hrs plus any duty and per diem. Current training pay is about $5000 a month when in the hotel doing ground school.

Requirements to Apply for Atlas:

Widebody Qualifications – All Widebody First Officer applicants must possess the following qualifications:

  • Hold a current unrestricted ATP certificate with an airplane category multi-engine class rating and English proficiency endorsement*

  • Hold a current FAA First Class Medical Certificate

  • Hold an FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit

  • Hold a valid passport with no restrictions on international travel

  • Have a minimum of 1500 hours of total time

    • Military conversion of .3 per sortie

  • Have a minimum of 500 hours of turbine time

  • Have a minimum of 1000 fixed wing or 500 hours with a 121 carrier

  • Minimum age of 23 (all Atlas pilot positions are subject to FAA 121 mandatory retirement regulations)

  • Have the ability to pass a 10 year security background check and a DOT pre-employment test.

*Note: ATP issued with a CIRC APCH-VMC Only limitation are acceptable.

Preferred Widebody Qualifications:

  • A minimum of 2500 hours of total time operating in a part 121, 135 or Military environment.

737 Specific Qualifications

  • Hold a current unrestricted or restricted ATP certificate with an airplane category multi-engine class rating and English proficiency endorsement

  • Have a minimum of 1000 hours of total time

    • Military conversion of .3 per sortie

*Note: ATP issued with a CIRC APCH-VMC Only limitation are acceptable.

Preferred 737 Qualifications:

  • Current & Qualified and operating in a part 121, 135 or part 91 environment.

  • Have a minimum of 500 hours of turbine time

Getting to work with ATLAS/ Where does Atlas Fly:

Atlas Flys World Wide to 314 destinations in 74 countries (prior to covid), The fleets predominantly flying the Pacific and Atlantic Routes are the 747,777 and 767. The B737 has one international route to Canada however dominates the domestic ecommerce business flying mainly out of CVG (Cincinnati).

During your time at Atlas they have a gateway travel program that allows you to live where you want and be flown to the basing you are required to start work at. If you live more than 140 miles from your base you will be guaranteed a flight ticket to your point of call and a hotel room.

Aircraft/Fleet Basing's at Atlas:

How many hours do Atlas Pilots work?

Flying at Atlas is a lifestyle airline, they operate all over the world on the 747, 777, 767 and domestically on the 737. The hours depend on the fleet, the 747 and 777 fly the most internationally and also make the most money from the flying llengthsand sector times. Generally a 747 and 777 pilot fly anywhere from 600 to 800hrs a year. The 737 pilots are currently around 400hrs.

Does Atlas Airways have staff travel?

Flying at Atlas Airways allows you the benefit of staff travel, you get access to ID90 through ZED which is a portal that allows you to book on the following airlines below. An other aspect to help get confirmed tickets is that Atlas allows you to keep all the points you gain from deadheading and commuting to your work base for sign-on. Using these points allows you to book confirmed points with airlines which can be considered better than using staff travel during peak air travel times.

Atlas Airways allow you ID90 on the following airlines; American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, South West Airlines, Jetblue, Allegiant, Lufthansa, Etihad, Qantas, Condor and Jet Star.

After flying 10 years at Atlas Airways you are given Staff travel for retirement after finishing your 10 years with the company. The only people able to use your Staff travel are an immediate family including parents, wife and children.

Atlas Sick Leave:

Atlas allows you to call sick anytime without any issues as long as it is not a recurring issue and pattern. If you call in sick for an amount of time ( 4 days) in a month and happen to pick up the flights above your min flying 64hrs in the same month. The sick leave will not be counted and will be returned to your bank. The sick leave policy is 14 days however you only use what you don't fly above your monthly min hours.

Atlas Airways Employment Pilot Opportunities

Atlas Interview Questions:

If you have doubts or require help for your upcoming interview, please sign up and contact us regarding Atlas Interview Prep. We have helped multiple people get into Atlas and have the current information relating to the interviews and theory questions asked.

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