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Cathay Pacific Cadetship and DEFO Interview Information 2024

Updated: Mar 9

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Cathay Pacific Cadetship Application Process

Once you have completed the application C will email you to congratulate you and the process will begin where you will complete an ICAO English test, you are required to pass each phase before moving on. The next test will be aptitude testing which needs to be completed within 2 weeks of receiving the email. After a successful complication of the aptitude testing, you will be invited to Cathay City for a face-to-face interview and will be notified a couple of weeks later. After a successful interview, you are required to conduct physical medical assessment.

This process is a 5 stage process:

  1. Apply online

  2. Complete English Language assessment

  3. Complete online Aptitude testing

  4. Invited Interview at Cathay Pacific

  5. Medical Assessment

The process can take 6-10 weeks to complete and you should be ready to proceed with each step swiftly.

Requirements to join Cathay Pacific Cadetship

  • The right to live and work in Hong Kong or the Chinese mainland (Eligible for IANG / TTPS are also welcome to apply)

  • Graduated from secondary school with good passes in English language and Mathematics or Science; a degree in any discipline will also be considered provided you meet the secondary school criteria. Applicants with an Aviation degree will be given priority.

  • Physically fit and qualified for a Civil Aviation Department (HKCAD) Class 1 Medical Certificate*

  • Able to meet our flight deck reach requirements. Candidates may be asked to complete a static reach test and flight simulator reach assessment

  • Achieve ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) English Language Proficiency level 4 or above

  • Successful pre-employment background check (including criminal records)

  • Aged 18 years or above

  • Pre Employment drug screening

Cathay Pacific Cadetship Information

Cathay Pacific Cadetship Training

55-week course

English Requirements for Cathay Pacific Cadetship

You will be required to pass an ICAO English language assessment which is standard for all pilots. The requirement is to be above a level 4 English language assessment. To help increase your English and aviation knowledge use the following website to practice and seek advice. It is also great to listen to ATC and pilots online using LiveATC

The Following are helpful YouTube videos that will help you

Cathay Pacific Cadet Training Costs

The cost of training with the Cathay Pacific Training Program is a 72-month forgivable loan of 1,000,000 HKD. For every month operating reduces how much loan amount you “owe”. The is a calculator they use that I will try and find on the COS18 contract. After 72 months of service, the loan is forgiven, and there is also no monthly pilot allowance for 3 years ($14,000). Essentially you are repaying 50% of the training cost in the first 3 years of service.

Residency Requirements for Cathay Pacific Cadetship

You must hold a Hong Kong Residence Card to apply for the cadetship or be Chinese National.

The time frame for Cathay Pacific Training

The training is a 55 week course in either Australia or America

Time frames for Interviews with Cathay Pacific

Generally, Cathay will notify you within weeks of your up and coming assessments. If you wait longer than a month I would recommend emailing them to see if they have forgotten. After the final interview, I was notified I was successful with just over a week's notice. Most seem to be a week or 2 from the final interview to being notified.

How long do I wait before I can reply for Cathay Cadetship Program?

If unsuccessful, you must wait 6 months from receiving the email before you can apply for the Cathay Pacific Cadetship if you did not pass a computer test or English Language test. If you are unsuccessful with the interview you will have to wait one year before reapplying. You will be required to go through the whole process again.

Cathay Pacific First Officer Assessment Information

To apply for a First Officer position at Cathay Pacific you must apply online. They will then contact you for a MS Teams meeting and after succesful completion you will be invited to conduct an in person interview, aptitude testing, and simulator assessment in Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific Direct Entry FO Interview

The interview for the First Officer position with Cathay Pacific will consist of a panel of 2 or more assessors. This includes a HR and and management pilot/training pilot. They will ask about your experience, motivations and a couple of HR questions. The interview will last for an hour and they are very friendly and pleasant.

Recent Applicant Feedback

Study the Cathay fleets, know the specs as many as you can,

Why is the design different from this type from another type?

Being able to identify the variant of fleets.

So when you are asked which type of aircraft you want to fly?

Ensure you know what the role of a second officer is, what is expected of you during flight as a second officer.

what are some of the destinations you will fly to as an SO.

Also know about the Cathay network including destinations, what fleet fly where

what is the cargo fleet,

Upcoming aircraft orders and delivery schedule - 777 9X, 350F


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