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Cathay Pacific Interview and Assessment Information

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Cathay Pacific First Officer Assessment Information

To apply for a First Officer position at Cathay Pacific you must apply online. They will then contact you for a MS Teams meeting and after successful completion you will be invited to conduct an in person interview, aptitude testing, and simulator assessment in Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific Direct Entry FO Interview

The interview for the First Officer position with Cathay Pacific will consist of a panel of 2 or more assessors. This includes a HR and and management pilot/training pilot. They will ask about your experience, motivations and a couple of HR questions. The interview will last for an hour and they are very friendly and pleasant.

Recent Applicant Feedback:

Study the Cathay fleets, know the specs as many as you can,

Why is the design different from this type from another type?

Being able to identify the variant of fleets.

So when you are asked which type of aircraft you want to fly?

Ensure you know what the role of a second officer is, what is expected of you during flight as a second officer.

what are some of the destinations you will fly to as an SO.

Also know about the Cathay network including destinations, what fleet fly where

what is the cargo fleet,

Upcoming aircraft orders and delivery schedule - 777 9X, 350F

Initial interview Questions

Non technical questions ranging from:

- why hongkong ?

- why cathay ?

- cathay fleet ?

- routes flown?

- expected place to living

-Self intro

Why want to become pilot? Why not take PPL?

-Why leave your current stable job?

-What do you know about Cathay Cadet programme? E.g. Duration? Final outcome after completion

-Duties of SO?

-Current fleet of Cathay?

-Career path as Cathay pilot?

-What is your career goal?

-Difference between HKIAA cadet program and CPP?

-What will you do if you fail?

Aptitude Programs for Testing:


HR Questions:

 - Tell us about your career

 - Why did you become a pilot?

 - How did you do in high school/university?

 - Did you fly before university?

 - How did you feel about not being promoted further?

 - Why do you want to fly for Cathay? (3 reasons)

 - What recent cargo aircraft acquisitions has Cathay made?

 - Have you applied to other airlines?

 - Would you get bored flying with Cathay/airlines?

 - How did they feel previously about living overseas?

 - What would you do if Cathay rejected you?

 - How do wife/children feel about moving to Hong Kong?

 - How did you do in pilot training?

 - Were you disappointed in the the assignments you got?

 - How did you prepare for this interview? - Any questions for us?

-Asked what my greatest weakness were

- Give some examples of times (flying) that really challenged you

 - Asked me to rate my performance in the simulator

-Tell me about your duties at your current job.

- Tell me about your duties at your previous job

-And the one previous to that

-Which job do you prefer?

-Tell me about your aviation career, why aviation?

- Why your Aviation degree?

- Why Cathay?

- What do you think happened in your last interview?

- How did you prepare for this one?

- If I call your reference, what do you think he will say? Do you agree?

- Where will you live in HK?

-Where will you do you extracurricular activities? 

- When can you start?

-What does FTA have?

-What do you know about FTA?

- How long will you spend there?

- What would you do if you don't get in this time?

- What fleet would you prefer?

-If you had a choice of Airbus or Boeing, which would you choose and why?

-What is the difference between their fly by wire system?

-Tell me about the aircraft you fly?

-What is hydraulically operated?

-Explain the lift spoilers and the how they operate?

- Critical engine on a jet? And what if you have a right x-wind?

- What is mach tuck? and Mach Trimmer?
Where would you load your aircraft

for maximum range? Why? What do some aircraft have to help with the

trim of the aircraft?

- What is the service ceiling on my aircraft? and with 1 Engine Inop?

- How many 777? 777-9x?

- Chairman? CEO? COO? Director of Flight Ops?

- Profit?

- Any questions?

-What has been your favourite job so far

-How will you go from a captain to an S/O

-What are the roles of an S/O

-How will you handle long haul

How will you live in Hong Kong

-What do you do in your time off

-If I asked one of your F/O’s what would they say about you

-What fleet do you want / why

-Where does the 777 go

-What made you want to be a pilot

Technical Questions:

-If you climb out at 300kts IAS to FL300 what happens to TAS?

-If you then climb out at Mach .84 to FL350, what happens to the angle of attack? (this question does not apply to the B757 which climbs out at a constant 3 degree pitch all the way to FL410 so I stumbled a bit.

  What is critical Mach?

What is predictive wind shear?

  - What is your aircraft wind-shear recovery?

  - Why use winglets?

  - EGPWS vs. GPWS

  - Why set EPR early on t/o roll?

  - Balanced field length

  - Can clearway be used in t/o calculations?

  - Why 777 does not have winglets?

  - How would you brief your crew on upcoming wind shear?

  - Where do hurricanes/typhoons form – can they form over land?

  - ITCZ explanation (Intertropical Convergence Zone)

  - Where do hurricanes/typhoons form – can they form over land?

  - What causes wingtip vortices?

  - What do vortex generators do?

  - If wet runway, where do you set flaps?

  - What is Mach crit?

  - Why would you use a reduced thrust takeoff? - How would you design a high-speed wing?

- Asked what are advantages of aft CG

  - Asked to explain Vmca

  - Asked what types of drag are there

- Asked what causes induced drag

-2 aircraft going at the same MACH, but different heights, which one would be faster?

What is the service ceiling of the caravan?

-Does a jet airliner have a critical engine? Is this on the ground or in the air?

-What things are contained in the accessory gearbox?

-Why does a modern jet engine have 3 spools?

-Asked about INS? Components.

-Convert 10 m/s into Knots?

-What is an ATIS wind direction given in? M or T?

-Traveling from A-B on a heading of 050, 50 Nm distance. Your TAS is 440kts. You have a

wind at 050/20kts. How long is it going to take?

-She showed me a sigmet chart and asked me to name the symbols.

-What runways are at Hong Kong? If I’m taking off 07 and I have a wind from 120 degrees,

-what is a big consideration for the departure? Answer was windshear from Lantau

-What is the purpose of the ‘Air Vents’ in a Fuel Tank?


Coming soon: Profile

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