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Air New Zealand Interview Information

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Information on Air New Zealand and the direction of the company, finances, fleet and sustainability for the future. Please download and message for any more information. Below is a summary and information from one of our recent successful candidates for Air New Zealand.

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Air New Zealand Interview Feb2023
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Air New Zealand Simulator Assessment: Air New Zealand Simulator Assessment:

Past Candidate Interview Information:

Recently did the interview last week, and I found the interview the easiest part, the whole process was challenging however it was a really great 2 days, and met some really great individuals with various flying experiences around Australia and New Zealand.

My take from Air New Zealand is that it's a very family, culturally orientated airline and they want to give you the base you want to live and fly out of. I would be very confident to say that it seems like a great airline to fly for. The process included 2 days of assessments on Wednesday and Thursday.

Summary of Air New Zealand Assessment Days

We were greeted by everyone including fleet managers, we went around introducing ourselves including where we were from and what we were flying. There were 10 applicants interviewed, we were all given name tags and a schedule that was different for everyone. Some people had the interview and simulator on the same day, others had the interview on day 1 and the simulator on day 2. The schedules are all different so you need to be prepared to conduct the sim, interview, planning exercise, and technical quiz on day one as you are only given the schedule the day you arrive.

Pilot Interview at Air New Zealand:

I used for interview prep and got a lot of valuable information from the course and interview prep. A lot of the information going around is the same, I would recommend doing some interview prep with them and just having a chat about the process. Best value money can buy for a run down on everything.

The interview was very behavioral-based with a couple of 'tell us a time' scenarios and why Air New Zealand?

Air New Zealand Planning Exercise

Planning was 1 hour long, lots of information to filter and you have to plan a flight from SYD to CNS back to BNE. You have various issues to work through and you must plan the flight for min delay. Not much you can study but I would recommend going through some of the scenarios they have if you hit up

Technical Quiz/ 30 questions/1 hour:

Same as what's going around with the question banks, 30 questions, 1 hour to complete. Basic IFR, Law, Met, and Systems. These questions were the same that Mark gave me for the practice exams he had.

Air New Zealand Simulator Assessment:

Sim profile out of NZAA, 23 ILS, and departure, Basic IFR, hold, they try to make you crack under pressure by asking lots of different questions on IFR and basic math. It was hard work, we used ATR and 777 sim. The questions you gave me were similar if not exact.

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Sep 19, 2022

Hi, Fantastic PDF and amazing info! Would I be able to get those tech & interview questions if possible? Thanks, Andrew


Aug 24, 2022

Really like the PDF and its made studying and research so much easier!😀

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