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Virgin Pilot Interview Questions

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Virgin Australia is currently advertising and hiring for narrow-body pilot applicants in 2023. The recruiting process started in 2022 and is continuing for the year 2023. The assessment guide provided on this website includes commonly asked questions and a breakdown of the assessment day conducted by applicants this year. The assessment day provides testing and an interview on the day. Currently, Virgin Australia is paying for accommodation and flights to allow candidates to attend the assessment day held in Brisbane over one day. Below is a breakdown of the day and what to expect from applicants that have conducted the assessment day this year and last, any questions can be asked and answered in the comments section.

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Virgin Australia Pilot Interview Assessment Day

The Virgin Australia assessment day is a great challenge and rewarding experience for anyone pilot applying for VA. The day starts at Aviation Australia where you will be met in the morning by HR and the pilots conducting the assessment. It's a busy day however you will get time for a break and time to relax during the various assessments that can be found below. There is a coffee room that includes vending machines and free instant coffee. When you arrive at Aviation Australia you will wait at the main entrance and will be required to sign in using the iPad on the wall until you are approached by the assessors. The assessment day will include an aptitude test, interview, simulator, and group assessment.

Virgin Australia Simulator Profile

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The Virgin simulator profile will be sent out to you a week before your assessment, it will contain information regarding the PDF and ND of the 737 and information related to the assessment. The information sent to you will also contain power settings, checklist replies, and the takeoff, approach and go-around profiles. More information on the profile and information regarding the 737 displays for the simulator assessment can be found here.

Psychometric Testing for Virgin Australia

Before you attend the Virgin Australia Pilot assessment day you will be sent a link via email to conduct a psychometric test. This test involves multiple personal questions regarding working with others, how you perform in teams, and your own general behaviors. The psychometric consists of 125 questions with many of the questions being asked multiple times to make sure you are answering truthfully. It will take roughly 40 minutes for the test to be completed and you will be given 75 minutes to complete.

Group Assessment

To end the day you will be given a task where you must work in a group to solve a problem. The information will be presented to each team member and you must work together to finish the task within 20 minutes. More Information can be found on the Pilot Virgin Pilot Assessment Guide page.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions for Virgin Assessment

Most of the questions asked on your Virgin assessment day will come from interviews if you have already conducted airline interviews or preparation. There is an article with free questions you can make reference on this site. The interview will be conducted by HR and pilots. It is an interview to access your suitability to work and be part of the Virgin Australia team. Questions asked during the interview can be found on the Pilot Virgin Pilot Assessment Guide page. It's best to prepare for your interview using the STAR method and have examples to demonstrate your skills and ability when asked a relevant question. If you need help finding scenarios and answering common interview questions then sign up and subscribe to the 'Interview and Technical Answer Guide'

What to Expect on Your Virgin Assessment Day

The Virgin Australia pilot assessment day is challenging however rewarding for all its applicants. It will allow you to show your ability in multiple assessments and meet amazing people throughout the assessment day. It's best to be prepared and used all available resources to give yourself the best chance of gaining employment with Virgin Australia. Virgin Australia is a great place to work and grow with its expanding route options and B737 fleet. If you would like more information visit the other pages related to Virgin Australia and the Assessment Guide on this website. Any questions can be answered through the forum or contact form.

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Virgin Australia Assessment Study Guide

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Sep 13, 2023

Recently interviewed. Easy Aviation Theory was very helpful. Sim was almost identical to EAT, you can expect inbound and outbound radials using Azimuth needle and may be asked how long till you pass overhead the VOR, so know your simple GS calculations and know where to find DME distance.

Interview was as per EAT prep, tell us a time this happened, why do you want to work for VARA, what would you do in this situation etc.

On the day we were given a 50 question multiple choice paper quiz, we were told this was the first time this had been done but would be the norm going forward as they step away from COMPASS testing. The questions were a…

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