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Network Aviation Pilot Interview Information-2024

Updated: Feb 27

This is the most up-to-date and in-depth Network interview and an assessment day breakdown for pilots conducting the assessment in 2024 you will find on the internet. This page includes breakdowns of every aspect including hints and tips to get you through your assessment day. The Network pilot assessment is a full-day assessment and requires you to partake in an interview, group assessment, and the simulator check ride. This webpage will give you information from past successful candidates and access to 'The interviews Questions and Answers webpage to help you find, build, and prepare for your interview with scenarios from your flying and life experience.

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Network Aviation General Interview Information

The interview lasted for 1 hour, the day took a total of 6 hours with 4 applicants which were split up into pairs when we arrived.

Two applicants go to complete the simulator and the others go for the interview (one will wait in the lunch room).

The interview contained 6 behavioral questions which human resources for QF and Network asked and 10-12 technical questions from a check and training captain which are below.

Questions asked in the latest Network Aviation Pilot Interview include:

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