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Essential information on the ATPL exams.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Forget about navigation CASA complex and crazy website, instead just read the blogs on this website or contact the team at Easy Aviation Theory to discuss when and how to best prepare and sit the exams to get your ATPL theory credits and unlock your Air Transport Pilot License in Australia.

street corner

Airbus A330 conducting an early morning arrival into Hong Kong International Airport RWY25R ILS via RIVER cleared too 4500ft

ATPL exams, Pass Mark ,Time allowed and Fee's

AALW Air law 80% 01:30Hrs $157.09

AASA Systems and Aerodynamics 70% 01:30Hrs $157.09

AFPA Flight Planning 70% 03:00Hrs $185.90

AHUF Human Factors and TEM 70% 01:15Hrs $157.09

AMET Meteorology 70% 01:30Hrs $157.09

ANAV Navigation 70% 01:30Hrs $157.09

APLA Performance and Loading 70% 02:30Hrs $180.13

Documents Required are allowed in ATPL Exams

AALW Air law

CAR 1998, CASR Part 61, CAO 20-95.2, AIP Book, ERSA, AUS PCA, All ERC highs ,Lows and TACS, DAPs East and West

AASA Systems and Aerodynamics

No permitted material.

AFPA Flight Planning

B727 Handbook, ALL 5 ERC High, Whiz Wheel.

Provided Ruler and Basic Calculator.

AHUF Human Factors and TEM

No permitted material.

AMET Meteorology

AIP Complete (TAG Gen 3.5 WX and Alternative requirements and lighting.) and Aus PCA

ANAV Navigation

AIP, ERSA, All ERC Highs, Lows and TACs, Navigation equipment (wiz wheel, plotter, track divider)

APLA Performance and Loading

B727 Performance and Operating Handbook, CAO 20-95.2, Nav equipment ( whiz wheel), Take in a divider for scale measuring on charts and your own ruler that is straight.

Please feel free to email and contact for a chat about how to approach the exams and if you have any questions. Feel Free to check in on the Facebook page and Instagram for help or tips. Subscribe or email for free study guides for the Australian ATPLS


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