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Pilot Jobs and Industry Update

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Ever wondered about getting your pilots license based on todays market and during a Covid Pandemic?

Well nothing has changed with regards to flight training however the market is bleak when it comes to securing a job in todays market.

With many pilots loosing jobs or taking unpaid leave the airlines don't have a shortage of staff and are happy to keep those who are current or already in the airline system on unpaid leave till a significant pick up in the worlds demand for international travel picks up.

Airbus A350 and A320 parked in Hong Kong International Airport.

There is no doubt that many older pilots are leaving the industry with multiple contract changes and unpaid leave schemes taking part that push people to leave the industry. This is great for those looking forward to a bright future but no one can confirm when this change in demand and supply of pilots will take effect. America is already seeing a change in demand as the major Airlines are taking on a surge in hiring of pilots and taking pilots back from leave.

Its a matter of time before the vaccination rates increase to a leave that will allow people to travel and the Airlines increase the number of flights available to take passengers worldwide. At the current rates of vaccination it will be less then a year before consideration towards opening boarders for travel with most major countries. This will be great news for all airlines and pilots looking to take on more work and increase flying hours.


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