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Should you become a pilot during Covid?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

If you are thinking of a pilot then continue to read this whole article.

If you are thinking of becoming a pilot then its best to consider how Covid-19 has affected the industry and the aspect of continuing the journey into a role in the aviation industry. When looking for work at the moment in the Industry it can be either very good or terrible. All countries are operating on different strategies to live, contain and/or not have Covid in the community.

If you look at America; there is currently a hiring craze from the amount of pilots that resigned, quit or were put on leave indefinitely as the airlines now start to ramp up operations due to the governments putting up the stance of living with Covid and the need for domestic travel increasing.

On the opposite side of the world in Australia there is currently very little hiring going on as the states and governments lock and stop people from traveling within the Country and outside. However with the look of travel increasing due to the increase in vaccination rates in states leads to the facts that there could potentially be a hiring blitz in the coming year or two. Qantas currently has a heavily aged pilot body with many looking at retirements in the coming years whwill need to be replaced prior for the uptake of flying in the coming years.

Getting your Pilot License during Covid could make very little sense,It may also pose a great time to get your pilots license as there are less airlines in the Controlled Traffic Areas allowing more flying schools to operate at major airports and gaining priceless experience during training operations. Less traffic and students could lead to savings with flight training as airport fees reduce and a decrease in aircraft and time savings at airports.

Are people still training to be a pilot?

Flying schools are currently still training and don't seem to have much of a reduction in the youth looking to get their flying license. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a couple of years to get your license and hence some future pilots are predicting that airlines, flying and the world will resume to its current peaks of airline travel in 2019 in the next couple of years. I consider this a valid view as we start to see more flights coming online with the increase in opportunity from people looking to travel to counties where quarantine is not required for those vaccinated such as America, Most of Europe and Dubai.

Many Flying school are operating at the same levels prior to Covid if not busier as alot of people look to learn new skills and achieve life long goals like attaining their pilots license. Many smaller orientated flying schools and recreational flying schools and clubs have had an increase in student intakes as many older citizens take on the challenge to learn how to fly and achieve life long dreams. This is due to the restrictions not allowing people to travel overseas and spend money traveling.


Despite the challenging times there will always be a need for employees from employers in all industries, some more then others and right now aviation would have a high risk in future progression and training towards airlines. It must be considered when looking at completing your pilot license.

That said its never impossible to get a job flying smaller aircraft or getting an airline job in America but that's only great if you can live there or get a work visa. When looking at getting your license it may be appropriate to have a back up before or after getting your license to cover for any future job loses or lack of progression. Right now could be the best time to get your flying license though and should you should do what makes you happy and look at a career in aviation if that's truly what you seek.

If you every want to discuss current or future job prospects and the required training then please reach out via email or the contact page for a free chat to talk about any aviation enquires you have.


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