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Flight Training in Perth

Updated: Jun 4, 2023


Flight training in Perth and Jandakot, Flight Schools in West Australia.
Flight Training In Perth

If you are looking at getting your pilots license in Perth, there are many flight schools to help you get your recreational pilot's license, private pilot's license or commercial pilot's license. If you would like to get the details on the costs and fees of flying schools in Perth then please read this article that compares the costs and fees of flying schools in Perth/Jandakot.

Flight training in Perth and Jandakot has recently become more viable for many students and inspiring pilots due to the increase in VET-fee Help debt for many of the flying schools. Prior to taking on any VET fee course you will be required to have your Private Pilots License. If you would like to read more information about VET fee and the options available to you then this article will help you.

When looking for a flight school in Perth and Jandakot it will require some time to see which flying school best suits your training standard, what aircraft you would like to use for your career development,, and the costs associated with flying an aircraft at Jandakot and Perth. Some questions to ask and get the answer to from flying schools are included in this article ‘Essentials Tips on selecting a Flying School’

Flights Schools In Perth and Jandakot

Jandakot flying schools
Jandakot Flight Schools

Flight Schools Near Perth, include:

Royal Aero-Club of WA

Flight training Perth

Goldfield Air Services


Major Blue Aviation


Cloud Dancer

Locations of flying schools and their aircraft fleet available for hire to get your Private pilot license and/or Recreational Pilots license in Perth and Jandakot, can be found in this article. This article includes what training the flight schools at Jandakot provide, the type of aircraft available and the costs of hiring these aircraft. If you have any questions or comments about the above, please post in the comments section below.

Ask the community of pilots and students your flight training questions in the community Facebook group

Student Pilot Facebook Group


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