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Best Pilot Sun Glasses- pilot sunglasses review 2023

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Product and Pilot Sun Glasses information for all new, current and inspiring pilots requiring a new set of sunglasses for their flying.

Buying great aviation sunglasses is very important for a pilot in 2023, flying involves a huge about of time outside and in the cockpit with high UV, bright light conditions, and very dry air. Since I started flying I have always worn high-quality sunglasses and still have had issues with my eyes from the bright light and extended periods in sunny and dry conditions.

Having a pair of sunglasses can make all the difference and below is a list of quality sunglasses for pilots in to purchase in 2023. The following sunglasses are specific for pilots.

Before you buy a pair of glasses its best to be aware of the following criteria:

Health implications of flying without glasses:

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Polarized lens:

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Sidearm shape:

To select glasses you must also consider the headset you use and how they will prevent or allow your headset cups to sit around your ears with your sunglasses on. Large side bands can prevent you from having your headset cups from sitting properly and can interfere with noise cancellations and radio calls. Using glasses will narrow and smaller bands will allow your headset to seal and prevent more noise contamination.

Prescription glasses:

If you have prescription glasses you will be required to carry a spare set of glasses with you when you fly, sunglasses can be corrected for a prescription lens however can not count as your second pair.


Always purchase glasses that come with a solid, secure, and protective case. That way your glasses do not get scratched or broken in your flight bag when things fall on them or they are placed in tight spaces. Glasses are important and expensive, its best to the most to protect them. Flight pages are generally placed between the seat and side of the aircraft and it can be hard to find your glasses, putting them in a case definitely makes it easier to reach and find when you are trying to fly the aircraft.

Most popular pilot sunglasses in 2023

Ray-Ban Predator (Non-Polarized)

Price: $288

None Polarized Flying Glasses

Serengeti Velocity

Price: $656

None Polarized Flying Glasses

Randolph Engineering Aviator

Price: $800

Ray-Ban Aviator

Price: $168

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Please leave a comment, and share your experience if they've used the same glasses or have any other recommendations for other pilots.


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