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Emirates Pilot Information

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on pursuing a career as a pilot with Emirates. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or a seasoned professional, our webpage provides invaluable insights into the world of Emirates pilots. From detailing the remarkable fleet they command to delving into salary structures, career progression opportunities, and the intricacies of the recruitment process, we offer a thorough exploration of what it takes to soar the skies with one of the world's leading airlines 'Emirates' from information gathered from other pilots at Emirates or who have taken the recruitment assessment.

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Who is the Emirates CEO?

Do Emirates pilots have to live in Dubia?

Is Emirates a good company to work for?

Being an Emirates pilot based in Dubai offers a dynamic and cosmopolitan lifestyle, with access to world-class amenities and cultural experiences. The airline's reputation for excellence, modern fleet, and extensive route network make it an attractive employer for aspiring aviators seeking global opportunities and professional growth.

Who is the Emirates CEO

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum has been at the helm of Emirates since its inception in 1985. He's known for his strategic vision, guiding the airline's growth into a global aviation power house. In addition to his roles within the Al Maktoum family and various Dubai-based organizations, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum holds prominent positions in several aviation-related organizations. He serves as the Chairman of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman and CEO of Emirates Group, and Chairman of Dubai Airports.

How much do Emirates Pilots make?

Emirates pilots typically earn competitive salaries that vary based on factors such as rank, experience, and aircraft type. On average, a first officer (co-pilot) may earn between 12,000-13,000 AUD per month, while a captain's salary ranges from $18,000 to $19,000 AUD per month, excluding bonuses and allowances. These figures may vary over time and are subject to change. Additionally, Emirates provides benefits such as housing allowance, education allowance, medical insurance, and flight benefits for pilots and their families.

How much does an Emirates First Officer get paid?

Emirates First Officer pilot will make a first year pay of AED 31,338 dollars or $12,903 AUD

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How much does an Emirates Captain get paid?

Emirates First Officer pilot will make a first year pay of AED 44,385 dollars or $18,528 AUD

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Do Emirates pilots have to live in Dubia?

Dubia, DXB

Where does Emirates Fly?

Emirates flies to over 158 destinations in more than 80 countries across six continents. Some of the major destinations include:

Europe (41 destinations):

 Amsterdam  Athens  Barcelona  Birmingham  Copenhagen  Düsseldorf  Dublin  Frankfurt  Glasgow  Geneva  Hamburg  Istanbul  Larnaca  Lisbon  London Gatwick  London Heathrow  London Stansted  Lyon  Stockholm  Maastricht (cargo only)  Madrid  Malta  Manchester  Milan  Moscow  Munich  Newcastle  Nice  Paris  St Petersburg  Prague  Rome  Vienna  Zurich  Venice  Zaragoza (cargo only)  Warsaw  Oslo  Brussels  Budapest  Bologna

North America (18 destinations):  Boston  Chicago  Columbus (cargo only)  Dallas  Houston  Los Angeles  Mexico City International Airport  New York  Orlando  San Francisco  Seattle  Toronto  Washington  Newark  Miami  Montreal  Aguadilla (cargo only)  Felipe Angeles, Mexico (cargo only)

South America (4 destinations):  Sao Paulo  Rio de Janeiro  Buenos Aires  Quito (cargo only)

Indian Ocean (3 destinations):  Malé  Mahe  Mauritius

South Asia (16 destinations):  Ahmedabad  Mumbai (Bombay)  Bangalore  Chennai (Madras)  Cochin  Colombo  Delhi  Dhaka  Hyderabad  Islamabad  Karachi  Kolkata  Lahore  Peshawar  Sialkot  Thiruvananthapuram

Australia / New Zealand (6 destinations)

 Auckland  Brisbane  Christchurch  Melbourne  Perth  Sydney

Middle East (16 destinations):

 Amman  Bahrain  Basra  Baghdad  Beirut  Dammam  Dubai International  Dubai World Central (cargo only)  Jeddah  Kuwait  Muscat  Al Medinah  Riyadh  Tehran  Tel Aviv (suspended)  Erbil

South East/East Asia

(20 destinations):  Bali (Denpasar)  Bangkok  Beijing  Cebu  Clark  Guangzhou  Hanoi  Ho Chi Minh City  Hong Kong  Jakarta  Kuala Lumpur  Manila  Narita  Osaka  Haneda  Phuket  Seoul  Shanghai  Singapore  Taipei

Africa (19 destinations):

 Abidjan  Algiers  Accra  Addis Ababa  Cairo  Cape Town  Casablanca  Conakry  Dakar  Dar el Salaam  Durban  Entebbe  Harare  Johannesburg  Luanda  Lusaka  Lilongwe (cargo only)  Nairobi  Tunisia

How many Aircraft does Emirates have?

Emirates currently has 253 Aircraft operating for Emirates Airlines operating out of Dubia DXB

What aircraft do Emirates operate and fly?

Boeing 787-8/9 orders: 35

Boeing 777 200-300 ER:133

Boeing 777-9 orders: 170

Airbus 380: 120

Airbus 350 orders: 65

What are the requirements to be an Emirates Pilot?

To be eligible for consideration you must meet the following requirements:

  • To join as a First Officer on our fleets, you will need the following experience:  B777  A380 Airbus FBW (A320/A330/A340/A350/A380) Pilots with Frozen ATPL (CPL + ATPL Theory exams completed) can be invited for assessment on the provision that they agree to our FATPL terms and conditions.   Please make sure you attach these documents to your online application:   1. CV 2. Passport 3. ATPL with the type-rating for the aircraft you currently fly            (If holding a Frozen ATPL you are required to upload:             a. CPL  and             b. the ATPL Theory Exams successfully completed) 4. Class 1 medical certificate with no limitations (except visual corrections)

  • Minimum of 2000 hours total flying time ≥ 20T JET (excluding P3, rotary and single/multi-engine piston aircraft)

  • Minimum of 1000hrs on Boeing Type

  • Currently flying Boeing Type

  • Minimum 150 hours within the past 12 months on Type

  • A valid ICAO ATPL & matching Authority Class 1 Medical certificate*

  • ICAO English Level 4 or above 

Emirates Pilot Recruitment Process

Is conducted in 2 stages after you apply online, applications are checked daily by the pilot selection team and you are recommended to update you application every time you do a Sim, Type rating or every 6 months, if suitable you will be sent an invite to proceed to through the 2 stages of assessment in Dubia.

Stage 1:Stage one is held remotely and consists of a short HireVue video interview ( If required to confirm english Language level), psychometrics testing, abstract reasoning testing, and a live digital panel interview (This is the HR and Technical Interview, be fully prepared).

Stage two is held in Dubai over a two-day period where you spouse may join you and Emirates will cover the costs to fly both of you to Dubia in Economy upgradable to business and you will most likely stay in the Marriot Bonvoye during your assessment days.

Day one:

Welcome brief and tour,

Advanced compass testing

Simulator Brief and Assessment in B777 or A380, the sim brief is sent prior and two candiates will fly together for the assessment

Day Two

Document checks and verifications

Medical/ Extended Emirates Medical

Accomodation and school tour

You would also need to allow for a day’s travel on either side.

How long is Emirates Pilot Training?

Emirates pilot training will include the following:

Induction: 5 days

Ground School: 1 week

Fixed Base Sim: 1 week

Full Motion Sim: 2 weeks

Line Training: 1-2 months, 20 sectors (must do sectors out of all continents)

Are Emirates Pilots well trained?

Every 3 months you will be given a handling sim and you will also fly an evidence based training system for your Instrument flight check. Emirates wants to train you to be a captain, First Officers will be given the opportunities to act as the PF and make command decisions during simulator sessions.

Is there an Emirates training bond?

Yes, you will be required to pay a bond of $42,000 if you leave before 3.5 years. Every month they will deduct from your training bond. I assume the payment would come out of your P-fund or remaining salary/leave. If for any reason you lose your license or medical ie is known Emirates would not require the bond back.

Where do Emirates pilots live?

When you work for Emirates as a pilot you will be given company accomodation, this will be in either

Meydan South (MS) or Meydan Heights (MH). In Meydan Heights villas are either right or left as these are 2 villas attached to each to each other. The gardens in Meydan Heights are not very big and you will have more space in Meydan South. MS villas are spacious all together around 180 to 220m2, MS villas are smaller than MH however, still large. The facilities in MH and MS are very similar however MS does not have a tennis court. MH is closer to downtown Dubia and HS is about 10 minutes further out in district 11. The negative of MH is that there is no Emirates Dry cleaners and would be required to drop your uniform to EK head-quaters or MS. MS has a great school (Kent College), Doctor clinic and laundry mate. Other schools send school buses to MS to compete with Kent College, MS is great for families as the villas are bigger and the school is in the same complex.

How many days off do Emirates Pilots get off?

8-13 days depending on rostering and biding, the minimum will be 8 days off however doing long haul you will get more days off for recovery.

How much leave do Emirates Pilots get?

Emirates Pilots are entitled to 42 days annual leave and 30 days guaranteed a year. Bidding is open twice a year where you will be given a minimum of 30 days and may use the online bidding system to place bids up to 3 months ahead of the wanted leave period down to 2 weeks away from a vacation period. Generally leave is placed in seniority and depending if its peak, non-peak periods. After a leave period you will be rostered 24 hours rest to allow you to be rested for your next duty leaving Dubia.

What is the Salary of an Emirates Pilot?

The salary package of an Emirates first officer is AED 31,338 dollars or 12,903 AUD and a Captain will make AED 44,385 dollars or $18,528 AUD.

How many hours are Emirates pilots paid for?

85 hours is the amount that you will be rostered, some months you will fly more or less. You will always be paid for 85 hours. Emirates allows roster swapping however you will not get paid to swap into a duty that is more hours then your rostered. One month out of 12 you will be rostered reserve for the full month. You will be given up to 6pm the day before to be notified for any long haul duty.

Emirates Pilot P-Fund and Retirement Scheme

During your time at Emirates as a pilot you are entitled to the Pfund. There are 3 options regarding the retirement scheme and you will receive the full amount after 5 years of service if you leave prior.

Emirates in Option A will pay 12% of the monthly basic salary towards the fund,

Option B, The employee can contribute 5% of their basic salary ontop of option A.

Option C, The employee can make contributions at any time (such as during bonus time)

The money is invested in equities, bonds and cash and you can change this when you want online. You will also receive 2 free financial sessions a year with an advsior.

If you leave before 3 years of service you will be entitled to 21 days basic salary per year and no Pfund contributions from Emirates. Between 3-5 years you will receive 21 days basic salary for the first 5 years and 30 days basic salary per year for 5 years of service and beyond or 75% of account A contributions.

Emirates Pilot Interview Questions



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